2014 Subscription Rates

These are payable on 1 January 2014 and are:

For members in India : 1,300 Rupees

Rest of the World, including the UK and USA : £27

There is a joining fee of £15 (900 Rupees). This is also payable by lapsed members wishing to re-join.

Subscriptions can only be paid for one year at a time - payments for future years (2015 and onwards) cannot be accepted until they fall due.

Members joining part way through the year will be given copies of all issues of India Post published during the year in which they join.

Payments may be made by Paypal, to iscpayments2014@yahoo.co.uk
Please add 70 Rupees/£1.20 to cover Paypal fees and make sure you state that the payment is for your ISC 2014 Subscription and state your full name and address
Please go to the Publications page (password needed) to see the latest ISC Newsletter.